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Open URL - Instant Web Publishing using file URL

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Hi All,

We are trying to make a FileMaker database with a web page UI that allows our users to click on a button to open a word document stored on the same server that hosts the FileMaker database. We are using FileMaker Developer 7 and publishing it using the Instant Web Publishing feature.

We made a button and in the "Specify Button" dialog, checked "Indicate Web Compatibility", saw that "Send Event" is not available and selected "Miscellaneous | Open URL". Under "Options" we selected "Perform without dialog" and clicked "Specify", entering the following (including the quotes):

"file://C:/Documents and Settings/admin/My Documents/FMVersion7/ACE01.doc"

We published this and clicked the button... all we get is a JavaScript error "Access Denied"! We have enabled active scripting, we have enabled popups - so those are not the issue. The file has appropriate permissions set to allow anybody to view it.

The following works though:


This works if we copy the document into FileMaker Pro's own directory structure:

C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker Developer 7ExtensionsWeb SupportResourcesiwpresACE01.doc

Of course, this is unsuitable since we want to keep the file in our own controlled area.

Any ideas on how we could get file url working correctly would be greatly appreciated!



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This topic is 5697 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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