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Using Calculations in a Container Field

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Sorry about posting a total noob question, but for some strange reason I can't get the calculations to work properly for a container field. I want to display some images using a pathname from another field.

So I created a field called Imagepath that holds the following text:


Where images is a subfolder in the folder where my database resides.

So I created a container field called Image with the Auto-enter Calculation as simply


When I jump back to my layout, there is absolutely nothing in the container. I'm I doing something wrong??

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Try inserting a new pciture into the Container field or even the same picture. Since you created the auto-enter calculation after the container field was populated, there is no change to the container field to trigger the auto-enter. Also, you might want to uncheck the "do not replace existing value (if any)" option so the auto-enter updates when the container value is changed. Otherwise, once the auto-enter occurs, it won't replace the existing auto-entered value.

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yeah... I don't know what’s wrong. I tried doing that, and it didn't work.

Here's exactly what I'm doing.

1. I'm starting with an empty database with no information.

2. I have all of my fields set up including the Container Field with the Auto-enter calculation.

3. I’m importing about 2500 records for another database, including my Imagepath field as the text "image:images/product.jpg"

Shouldn't the container field update it self once I do the import?

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I found this thread discussing exactly what I wanted to do with a library of scanned music. Thanks everyone. I was able to get it working quickly.

I'd like to add that after getting it to work, I managed to simplify it. There's no need to have a separate calculation field or an auto-entry item. Just make the image field a calculation which calculates the path with result as a container. That way it's always updated automatically and you have one less field to clutter up your database.


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This topic is 5694 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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