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Script for Google or Mapquest Mapping

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Hi All. I not an expert in filemaker, yet not a beginner also but I have a quesiton for anyone who might be willing to answer.

I have a martketing database in which I generate reports based on the different types of criteria involved, such as total amount spent, top ranking products, so forth. Once this report is generated I see the page with the customer info relating to the criteria I just defined in the report. Is there a way to get a script to launch a google map of the customer address based on the search criteria of the report??


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Are you looking for a Google map that contains all of the addresses that appear on your report? For instance, lets say you are working for a police department and you have a database that tracks crime incidents. Now you want to produce a map that shows where each of thefts occurred during the past X months. Do I have your request characterized right? If yes then you won't find your answer in that other thread. That was all about finding a single address.

I have not done any multi-mapping myself but I seem to remember stumbling across some information on how to do it on Google's site. You might try looking there.

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This topic is 5691 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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