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Wasn't quite sure exactly where to post this topic, so if it is incorrect, I am sorry. I'm trying to set up a Purchasing Database.

2 tables

Purchase Order

PO Item

Purchase Orders mainly cover 3 things for the company I work at. Direct Material, Labor, and Consumables. What I have done is each Purchase Order can have many Items but PO Item can have only one Purchase Order. The Problem comes in with these 3 categories. I have 3 layouts for Purchase Order table, one each with a portal that allows creation of records into PO Item. In the PO Item Table, I have created fields for each category. Example; M_qty, L_qty, and C_qty. This way, when a person is entering data, ie they are purchasing material, the M_qty field will store the quantity. Then each Category has a number of fields that help define it.

The real problem is how can I combine all the line items onto a single printable report that will include all PO Items linked to a Purchase Order Number. In the PO Item Table, I have about 30 fields that could possibly need to be on a Purchase Order Printout. I may have a flawed set-up. Any suggestions woud be greatly appreciated.

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This topic is 5691 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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