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lets say i have two tables, the first is [color:green]TEMPLATE and the second is [color:green][color:green]PATIENT,

TEMPLATE has two filds where i store the templates for pathology reporting first field is :) [color:red]template name, the second field is [color:red]gross description.

i would like to have a pull down menu on the [color:green]PATIENT lay out that will display the templates names and when i choose one i would like the gross description field from the [color:green]TEMPLATE table to be inserted in the gross description field in [color:green]PATIENT table(patient layout).

is there any thread or referal to an article that can help me with this type of automating text entry.

also i would like to save back or add more templates as i continue adding to my data so i would like to know what is the best script for the reverse process.

i know am asking for much but this forum is the only place to turn to. thx.

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am i missing something .i wonder if my post is visible?

can someone tell me if i made a mistake or i did something wrong so no one is responding to my queston after 4 days?

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Thanks GenX. This works beautifully.

The other thing is: If I have a record in PATIENT table that i want to add to TEMPLATE table - to become a new record in the popup menu-.

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You can do one of two things (one involves some dodgey work with relationships, so im not going to bother).

So, straight on to two.

Let the user enter whatever they want, i.e. use a drop-down vs. a pop-up. Next to the field add a button i.e. "add to template collection"

The script attached to this button would be simple

Allow User Abort [off]

Set Error Capture[on]

Freeze Window

SetVariable[$template ; Patient::templatename]

SetVariable[$description ; Patient::grossdescription]

Go to Layout[The template one, i forget what i called it... probably template]

New Record / Request

Set Field[Template::template ; $template]

Set Field[Template::grossdescription ; $description]

Committ Record / Request

Go to Layout[Patient Layout]

Thats about it, that adds it for you to the rest of the lot. Any troubles with this yell, careful with my script, its a bit rough so in some of the script steps when working in script maker there might not be a space where i put a space etc.


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This topic is 5678 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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