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printing multiple layouts at once


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I have a printout that involves printing several (as many as 6) layouts, one after the other. And while I want to present the user with a print dialog so they can select their printer, I don't want to force them to answer the dialog for each of the successive layouts. Instead I want the successive ones to default to what they selected for the initial layout. So, I have used the "no dialog" option for all but the first print command.

The problem is this only works if they select the default printer (or the one set in printer setup for that database). Otherwise, the first layout prints on the correct printer, and the subsequent ones revert back to the default set under printer setup.

Any ideas? Or, is this just the way things work in FM 8?

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I'm also making a similar script, and it looks to me like that's just how FM8 works.

Unless someone has some crazy script/ plugin that could somehow store which printer was selected for the first print as a calculation and then bump that into all the other print fields, it looks like you have to leave each one seperate.

One idea that I might suggest if where you're printing has only a few printers, make seperate scripts for each printer. Simply make them all have no dialogue, set to a specific printer. Name the scripts accordingly, IE

"Print to Color Printer"

"Print to Copy room Printer"

"Print to Laser Printer in X's office"

or whatever the specific printers are.

Then, users can select which printer they want, through the script.

I think I'm going to use this idea in my DB, thanks for making me think of that! :yay: hahahaha

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This topic is 5670 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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