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FX vs XSLT publishing

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Is not my intention to open a "flame" :P-)

I just wanted to get some feedback from those who have experienced FX.php (it would be better if that person tried both the platforms) to build and develop an entire site.

is FX a good choice? I mean.. I know PHP and I know it is a powerful language with a lot o possibilities but - as I'm thinking about it to solve a lot o problems we have - I was asking my self if it is a good idea to re-build a web site using a software which has not much support (ok.. there are some forums which support it.. as every open source project).

Does anyone can tell me his /her experience?

thank you!!! :P-)

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Our school system has been using FX.php for the past two years, and we are extremely happy with the speed and power. We have also found FX.php to be very easy to learn and implement.

Initially we converted our site from CDML to XML/XSLT using the converter. This became a nightmare. We worked with FMWebschool to translate our pages to FX.php and we have been extremely happy with the results.

I saw posted on the experts list where FileMaker's Devcon is having like 10 or 11 sessions about PHP and FileMaker and only 1 or 2 about XML/XSLT... so that should tell you the direction FileMaker is going.

All the best


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PHP is a very powerful tool, with lots of support. The FX Class is just a method for getting data into, and out of, a Filemaker database.

After you have received the data from the database you can do anything you like with it by using PHP functions and tools.

Good Luck.


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PHP is great. Not to mention there are thousands upon thousands of PHP developers world wide, so obtaining support and sample code is very easy.

I would definately recommend PHP over any other option. Unless you wanna torture yourself in which case go .asp and sql. Your end product will take you five times as long to develop, be ten times the size, and will crash just before the scheduled database backup :

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This topic is 5660 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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