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getting a field repetition's value by clicking

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I'm trying to get a field repetition value (actually setting another field based on that value) when a user clicks on a line (repetition) of a field, but have not figured this one out. It seems when I make a (repeating) field a button, there is no way to determine what line (repetition) the user clicked on. Am I missing anything? Thanks.


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Thanks, that is just what I needed! I had never made multiple instances of a repeating field before, very useful. And I agree about using repeating fields only as a tool.



p.s. Thanks also to Idealdata for the post.

btw, what I'm doing (in OS X) is creating a file that shows all the open (and visible) files, using AppleScript, so I can click on the filename and go there. I know, only marginally better than using the Window menu directly. I haven't done all the fine touches yet (checking for errors; dealing with different #'s of menu items before the file names, etc.), but here is the script I'm using so far:

tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"


-- Hopefully the first FM file menu item

set h to name of menu item 11 of menu "Window"

set repetition 1 of field "g_visible_windows" to h

repeat with i from 12 to (the number of menu items of menu "Window")

-- Get list of names of all visible FM files

set repetition (i - 10) of field "g_visible_windows" to name of menu item (i) of menu "Window"

end repeat

end tell

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This topic is 5678 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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