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Global Field not keeping changes

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Hi all,

Hope this is the right place for this?

I have a FM8 solution that is being served by FM Server 7 Advanced with about 5 users, all Mac's.

In the solution there is an area with a Global field for writing a letter to all clients, If I enter text in this Global field locally (not served) the text is seen and accepted, but when the solution is running on the server and one of the users wishes to change the text it always reverts back to the text I entered when they next start the solution?

This also happens with other Global fields and when it was a FM6 version being served by 5.5

Any ideas?



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Hi, lans!

It must be jast such. Global field on server always hold his first value. If you stop server and start server again with changing value of Global Field, it will hold new value until you dont stop it.

Think about this: what will be if global field hold his value from different users........?

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should retain the last entered text globally, regardless of who entered it

The solution is then a related table connected via the Carthesian product relation. But you have to consider record locking in you scripting that takes care of the update!


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Not really, the global field resides in the same table as the text is entered and printed from!

There is no record locking, all 5 users have full access, also there is no updating script, as the file is replaced on the server, first shutdown replaced restart.

You see, if I enter some text in said global field, close the file. It is then replaced on the server, users start file, see's my text, replaces it with theirs, shutdown server in the evening, next morning when they start up the server, my text is back again. regardless of who entered it.

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This topic is 5674 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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