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Button colour changes


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If you have version 8, you can simply put in new tab panel and tabs color themselves. If you do not have version 8 then you must create different button color for every layout. If active layout is equal to tab #1 then tab #1 is colored and rest of them are without color (or desired color (white for example)).



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Go into Layout mode in [color:red]Family Medical Records, and you will see that it is three buttons that were made using the button tool. The buttons have been described are not Embossed. Filp the layouts in the rolex box, and you will that they have just rotated the postion of the highlighed button, and changed the Go To Layout on the other two buttons. Hard describe, easier for you to view the file and you will see what I mean. BTW, this is a interface that has been used forever.

There are buttons available in the Sample File Topic Area, just do a search for [color:blue]Aqua, Agua, Brush, you should find what all of them. Also, there are some files by Matt Petrowsky you can take a look at at his site

FileMaker Magazine One of them is [color:blue]15 Minute Tabs - The quickest way to make a tabbed interfaceand [color:blue]Creating a better layout - Free Video

that has a file he sells. You can also get the file at Theme Library.



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This topic is 5663 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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