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script to create Invoice from Cust Record

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I don't like the structure of your system. It is not logical to me to create a client record on-the-fly from an invoice not least because of the problems you are seeing when invoicing a repeat customer.

What is more logical to me is:

1. check if client exists (Client table)

2. if not, create a new client record

3. client exists, create new invoice for customer

When you create a new invoice from a customer record, it is a scripted process that first records the current customer ID as a variable, and then jumps to the Invoice layout, creates a new invoice and sets the customer ID using the variable value

Can anyone provide a script for this? I currently have 4 tables and layouts: Invoice, Clients, Services, Lines items each with their own auto entered id's and related fields. I been really learning a lot with the redesign business and invoicing coming from a "flat file" mindset . . . and still learning more with now scripting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Goto layout based upon Invoice

New Record

Set field CustomerID [Get (scriptparameter) ] assuming CustomerID is the key joining Invoice to Customer

From a button on the layout customer, create a button that calls this script and passes the CustomerID as the parameter.

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This topic is 5655 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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