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GetFirstName ( FullName )

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Name & Parameters: [color:red][big] GetFirstName ( FullName ) [/big]

Description: Return a person's first name. Skips over titles, will also return a hyphenated first name, or a second name where the person uses his first name initial.

Sample Input:

1) Mrs. Ann-Marie Smith

2) Dr. J. Harry Morton

3) John Doe


1) Ann-Marie

2) Harry

3) John

Recursive: no


/* CF: Returns A Contact's First Name from a Full Name

    CF:  GetFirstName



Let ( [

         name= Substitute ( FullName; "-" ; "00" ); // Needed because FM treats lots of characters as separators 

         fw= LeftWords ( name ; 1 );

         title=  Case( fw= "Mr" or fw= "Mrs" or fw= "Ms" or fw= "Miss" or fw= "Prof" or fw= "Dr"; fw; "" ); // Trap title if it exists

         start= Case( WordCount(title) ≤ 0; 1; 2); // Skip title if necessary 

         start= Case( Length( MiddleWords ( name ; start ; 1 )) ≤ 1; start+1; start) // Move over 1 if initial: returns 'Thomas' if name is 'J. Thomas Smith'


Substitute( MiddleWords ( name ; start ; 1 ); "00"; "-") // Replace with dash


Required Functions:

Author(s): Steveinvegas

Date: 06/03/06



FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these files are fit for any particular purpose. Do not post or distribute files without written approval from the copyright owner. All files are deemed public domain unless otherwise indictated. Please backup every file that you intend to modify.

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I simply use four fields for a name - First Title, Second First, Third Middle, Fourth Last.

It reduces confusion, though this function does look like it might have some use to me anyway in terms of reparsing into the database.



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Yeh, but...it takes more screen real estate and users are more likely to make mistakes by typing multiple words into 1 field. I usually (against convention) keep the full name in one field. I had a script to split things out when I needed to, but these functions make things more convenient.


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This topic is 5659 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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