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Applescript works in Applescript but won't run in FM 8


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Hey There -

I have an apple script:

set TextOfFile to read choose file with prompt "Choose file to import."

Set file_path to "(I have a FilePath here)"

open for access file file_path with write permission

write TextOfFile to file file_path

close access file file_path

It works perfectly when I run it through the Applescript editor, but in FM, after I enter it as a native Applescript, it says:

Expected End of line, etc. but found identifier.

and then it highlights TextofFile in the "Write" line.


I attempted to create a calculated applescript too, but when I ran the FM script, the same message popped up.

Thanks in advance!

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Awesome! Thanks so much : It worked.

I wonder why Filemaker doesn't like the write script.

I ended up changing my applescript a bit because I was having some permissions issues with the location where the text file was being created.

I just learned that an applescript from Filemaker does not need the "Tell Application "Filemaker Pro" block, so I just have

Tell Database "DatabaseName"

set field "fieldname" of current record to TextOfFile

end tell

This is great because we are running a multi-user database, with some on FM Pro 8, FM Pro 8 Advanced, and even an FM Pro 7. and the applescript would get hung up on the "Tell application "Filemaker Pro" unless I had a calculated applescript which specified which version of Filemaker the user was on.

Anywho, after all that, thank you, Fenton!!

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This topic is 5660 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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