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Room graph

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I hope that some of you can point me in to a direction to get this to work.

I have a booking system made in fm5 and it keeps track of rooms in a hotel and I would like to make a new version in Fm8. I have tried to import the old files to Fm8 but the result was not very good and it didn’t work.

With all the new functions in Fm8 do I believe that it can be done in a mush easier way but the question is where to start. I found this at a very good site about filemaker http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/demos7/demo705.html that file will do the trick for the bookings but how to do a graph with different colours for different customers? Anybody :P



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i´m also looking for a room graph solution.

XMChart is very good but not the right way for this Problem :)-((

(point and click to a date (Reservation day start ) .. make a bar with the mouse to end Date ..then open the reservation form ...

can anybody help please ?

does anybody know a filemakersolution for Hotel-Reservation ...



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Take a look at "Appointments" by Don Wieland


Appointments as I recall was about a Conference room, or something, but maybe you can learn from it.

BTW, there is a file by CobaltSky, called Reservations that was submitted with this thread Here.

The topic and need is almost identical to yours, so be sure to read the whole tread, as I think it will help you a lot.



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added Ray's File and thread
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Look like this was a tuff one….. The picture is actually showing the showing the booking system that I made in Filemaker 6 and the system is updating remote locations with out being online, but that’s anther story. For the past week have I been fooling around with Visual Basic in an attempt to make it in there instead. The good thing by doing it in VB is that the developer has all control too make that ever hi/she likes. But as we all know it takes time…

Come on guys there has to bee a good way to do this in Filemaker with Graph, click and drag and more. Please help so I don´t need to use VB 2005….

Thanks Maxi

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As mentioned, any solution to this in FileMaker will be complicated, whether you use plug-ins, Flash, or complex container field calcs.

The nice thing about the plug-in solution is that once you have it figured out for graphing one event/booking, it's a simple matter to extend that to include multiple events/bookings. By default, the plug-in will automatically scale the picture to fit the data, and it's pretty easy to customize the look of everything just by sending additional commands.

In contrast, to try this with calculated containers would require fairly limited parameters for the number of events/bookings allowed and the number of dates viewable on any particular screen. And changing those parameters after the fact may then require field changes/additions or relationship changes/additions.

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This topic is 5589 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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