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Automatic FileMaker Backup during Development & for End Users [Beta-Dev 7]

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Solution / :P Automatic FileMaker Backup during Development & for End Users

Description: This FileMaker file is automatically “backup” ed when

the FileMaker application is “Quit” , the last “Window” is closed

and when ever the “QUIT” Button or “BACKUP” Button is pressed

The Backup file is Time stamped for better archiving.

Important: look at the File Options... under “File” to see the settings there !!!

User is warned if using a backup file ! (Very important !)

Backup files a also backup-ed with double time stamps!

Checks if File Name has been changed !

Has a adjustable Minimum Time setting (60s) between BackUps.

Working Under: Dev 7

Solution Status: Beta

Pre-requisites: FM 8A

Author(s): Ohgo_Ohgo

Date: 06/10/06


Instructions / Other Info: Easy to integrate in own DB .

Needs only 1 global field and change Name of File in Script.

Keep BackUp folder with File or set file references new !

Keeps multiple TimeStamped Files in Archive.

Good when looking for


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Hi Jan !

Sorry late, I was abroad.

I don't clearly understand Your wish. ( and I don’t know windows ;-) )

If You alternatively work with Your Laptop, than with desktop and so on.

You could use the FM function “Save a Copy as” to save a file with the original name to the other computer. But You have to network before and You have to go via a public folder. In the FM function “Save a Copy as” You can define a path.

That sounds all more for the use of a OS Scripting ( Apple Script at mac )

A probably much more easy way, if Your DB is not to big, use one of this USB Memory sticks and just plug into the computer You want to use now. That makes Your DB really portable ;-)

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