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Crazy linking issues


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Hi all,

I have a wait list database for my school guidance department and was wondering if anyone would be able to answer a sharing question. When counsellors add a student to the course wait list, a button opens up a seperate database listing all the courses running that year. From here they search for the course by grade and then click their desired result from a list. Doing so coppies one field from the course database, pastes it into my other other database and repeats this 5 times (5 fields to copy and paste between files).

When I dstribute the file to other schools, FileMaker breaks the links between the files (as expected). I have the users link the files but it fails to remember them. I guess my main question is how can users connect the links themselves without going into scripmaker or layout mode. I was under the impression that FileMaker did not use full paths. I have everyone logging in with a reduced set of rights so they cannot screw up the file -- could this possibly be why it won't remember the links even after they link files when FileMaker says it cannot find the neccessary file?

Furthermore, would anybody be able to suggest a way to speed up my copy and paste script? It takes 1 minute (I'm guessing because of the network's speed?).

Many thanks.

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file links don't break if you keep all the files in the same folder and don't rename the files. If you do want to rename files, use the FileMaker Developer Tool.

Have you tried using the "set field" command instead of copying and pasting data between files?

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Hi there,

On my machine in develop under a folder called C:Guidance Databases. When users run the installer I've made they install it on a shared network drive (X:Guidance Databases). The X depends on which school is using the file as all drives have been mapped differently.

At no point do I change the folder name or file names. Just the root changes and I can't seem to figure out why FileMaker won't connect -- it is aware of the folder that all the files are in because it opens it up when it asks the users to connect to the file it can't find.

I wonder if this is the case...if 2 users were accessing the same file and one had the drive mapped to X: and the other to Y:, would this mess things up?

As for the set command, I will try it immediately. Does it involve making a relationship at all?

Your help is appreciated.

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This topic is 5650 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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