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For a long time that I don't do any db, but I have been asked to update one db I made 4 years ago in fm3. And I run into a huge problem. I forgot the master password!

This means I cannot access any layout or script definition. This also means I can't do any updating in the db!

I emphasise that I have access to all the records [i can even do an export on the records if I want to] and the db is fully functional, only the layouts and scripts are locked.

Is there anyway to solve this?

It was me who set up the password [and forgot it... I know it is really dum] and to my knowledge nobody else remembers it or wrote it down [phoned all that could].

I will apreciate any help that I can get on this matter


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I believe FileMaker Inc. can help with this...

I have book with all my passwords. I didn’t specify where I am using them, but if I had accident, my wife can first check if all bills are settled and then go through the list with each client and something will work.

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I use the same, hidden master password for all my files -- one I never (and I mean NEVER) let the clients see.

OK, there is one exception -- if a client wants (and pays for, and understands the ramifications of) complete access, I don't use that particular password, just whatever password(s) the client chooses. In that case, remembering the passwords is their problem.

As a result, I could walk into an old client's office (even stuff I created in version 2!), and gain complete access to the file.

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This topic is 8215 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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