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Finding Duplicates error?

Jeff Bills

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I have a calculation field set to show results in text as well as am using GETASTEXT(text) to ensure that the result is text.

Now my understanding is that Filemaker uses the first 100 characters in a duplicate find when matching criteria

My two calculation results are

218200620592206sbccabelasvisatelephonehousing (for record 1)

218200634772134sbccabelasvisatelephoneother (for record 2)

These are not 100 characters long, have no spaces or symbols but when I perform a duplicate find using the exclamation point ( ! ) as a symbol in this calculation field I get these two records as a result

Am I missing something? I also did a word count to verify that each of the results 1 and 2 above were seen by FM as one word and that came out true

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Yeah, that's what I was trying to say in my first post. The calc is already set to "text" and in addition the outer shell of the calculation is getastext(text)



Since I set the calc field to "Do not store calculatio results . . ." it worked as stated in my previous post.

Today, I turned off "Do not store calculation results . . ." and it still works.

I haven't changed anything other than I described earlier

Thanks for your time. Everything seems to be working although I can't duplicate the problem/solution.

Weird. I have now chosen to "recover" the file just to see if there are any errors, et al. If it does it again, I'm going to reinstall 8.0v3.

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This topic is 5613 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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