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Relate 2 database with Projects ID


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I have these 2 files connect like relational

there is a field called protocol in the Project Tasks (PT) layout Note, that I want to link to Projects (P)

you can see I connect them in the view Note Layout

[if ask for other file do not need to open just cancel]

the thing I cannot do is to put more option of the protocol field or add more Projects to a Project Tasks

like 3-4 different

for example

a field about movie 0056 can be connect to politics 0042 or internet 0044

Any solution?


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It would help me if you could explain what you're trying to accomplish. I see you have project ID and manager fields and that each project has one or more project tasks but to what end?

For starters, unless there's a NEED for multiple files, you might want to consider using FM7's multiple tables capability and merge both files into one document as it tends to be easier to manage.

Are you wanting the (multiple) results from the protocol field to show in each line of the Project tasks portal in the PROJECT file?

Looking forward to hearing from you

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I want when I make the link in the protocol to make association between different [P]

for example a [P] has many [PT], one of this is to have info about printer

the same [PT] can be associated to another [P].

Currently I copy the information into another [PT[ of a different [P], instead I want to link it

I prefer to keep the same situation like now, separate files

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What you want is to have a many to many link--in other words a given P can have many PTs, and any PT can have multiple Ps. This requires a 'join table' and a portal. The join table will have fields for the ID fields of each table, and needs nothing else (although other fields can be added). Users select a PT from a drop down value list based on the PT table.



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This topic is 5590 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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