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To those with 8.5 on a PC

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I'm trying to solve a problem in 8.5 involving a drag & drop action from Web Viewer into a container field.

The example file below is a very simple example of Web Viewer. Two responses I received on the Web Viewer forum indicated that it works fine on Macs, but no one responded from the PC side.

On my PC, neither of the container fields will accept images from the Web Viewer, but both will accept them from a browser running in its own window. I get the message "This file cannot be opened because it does not belong to this solution". Text strings can be dragged from the Viewer to either text field.

I would greatly appreciate a quick test of this on other PCs. If it just won't work under XP then I'll accept it and move on to some other approach. But if it works on other PCs, I'll keep looking for a setting to change.

Thanks in advance.


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You didn't really explain what needed to be tested.

But if I bring up a web page with a picture, I can't drag and drop it into a container. You can right-click on the picture and copy it, then paste it into the container.

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Sorry that it wasn't clear. Here's more:

When running ViewerTest.fp7 click on the displayed Google link for Bigfoto.com. When photos come up, try dragging one of them to one of the container fields on the right. The drop part fails every time on my PC, yet I can drag and drop text strings from the same WebViewer field.

To double check that the image is draggable, just call up the same URL in a browser (outside of FileMaker) and drag the image into the ViewerTest container field. It works every time on my PC -- and I've even used different browsers.

Thanks for your assistance.

P.S. Yes, cut and paste work for me, as well. But dragging would be so much cleaner for the user.

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This topic is 6465 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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