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Free SpiderShell Plug-in use with PHP movie shows it in action

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SpiderShell - v1.0 is a free plug-in. To receive a free copy join the FMWebschool newsletter at: http://www.fmwebschool.com and we will send you a free license!

Watch the movie of how you can use it with PHP.



SpiderShell is a plug-in for executing command line compatible applications. Simple specify the command, and capture the output inside of FileMaker!


Currently SpiderShell is only supported on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Within a few weeks a Mac version will become available.


This plug-in simply needs to be installed into either the extensions directory of FileMaker, or the Plugins directory under the Web Publishing Engine.


To use the plug-in simply select the SpiderShell_Exec function from the External Functions menu.

Function Reference

SpiderShell_Exec( command {; input_string ; output_filename} )

This function accepts a command to execute as well as a potential string to feed the command as standard input (such as script to the PHP engine). An optional output filename parameter is also available to redirect output into a file.

Return Value

The function returns the output of the command, unless an output_filename was specified – in that case it returns a success string.


In Kindness

Stephen Knight

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This topic is 6475 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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