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Contact referred by...select other contact from same file?

Lee Brock

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Hi all. Geez what a learning curve. Thanks for your help.

My eyes are buggin from trying to figure this out.

I need a field in my bps_Contacts.fp7/Form View that relates to another record in the same file to track my client referrals. And I need to track that on both sides.

I need to see who referred a new client and I also need to see all of the referrals any one client has given me. I guess that would require another portal in the Form View similar to the portal that lists all the invoices created for each contact, but from the same file as opposed to the Sales Orders file.

Is this too big for a fairly right-brained beginner?


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Hmmm, that makes sense, for the first part I think. Thank you. I'll tinker with it.

Using this as a model, is the "Referrals" table a self-join relationship of "Sales Rep" that you renamed Referrals?

I'm wondering if I need to create another table occurrence, perhaps calling it "Referred", for another portal in the Sales Rep Layout (or another layout) to show all the referrals any one Name has produced. Am I making any sense?

Thanks for you and anyone's thoughts on this.

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That's what I was playing with. Didn't get it to work on first blush but I think we are on the right track. I'll let you know if I have any luck. Perhaps some of the more advanced folks on the forum can see what needs to be done.

Yes, I named the first self join referrals and the other referred.


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This topic is 6465 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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