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Purchasing layout


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OK so im planning a purchasing layout and have no idea on how to do it. Basically i have fields for Vendor, Manufacturer, item#, and description (that need to work with this layout).

I want to find all unordered items, sort them by vendor and make a new page (to be printed faxed or emailed) containing all of the items associated with each Vendor. Can anyone give me some hints and ideas?


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I moved your post here as I think this is a more appropriate forum.

Sorry for the confusion. With the double posting issue.

Please elaborate a bit more here so that you may get the assistance you desire.


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Cool thanks for the good move :laugh:

So to elaborate. I have a sales system for a mail order company. I have everything set up on it.

Here are the tables I have:


# There are portals in Main that use data from the tables below

Customer Data [fields include: name, address, phone, etc.]

InvoiceLineItems [fields include: item#, description, price, cost, etc.]

Vendors [fields include: VendorName, VendorPhone, VendorEmail, VendorFax, etc.]

# There are many more tables in the DB, but these are the most pertinent.

My objective is to group all of the unordered line items (from ALL customers) and create a way to send them to a vendor. I can send orders to vendors by phone, email, or fax. To call or fax the order I can use a print script. To email the order, I can obviously use an email script. I want to know the best way to organize the line items (by Vendor) so that I can submit them to the appropriate vendor.

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This topic is 6466 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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