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goto self-related migration

Stuart Taylor

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Maybe im being a dumb ass here, but for some reason i can't work this out.

In FileMaker 6 i had a relationship for several of my clients that used a dumbish multikey

The Multikey was in the contacts database and consisted of several variations of the contacts name and company name.

The Multikey was related to itself.

The Portal on the contact record displayed other addresses for the contact and other people at the company they worked for.

(very useful for testing for duplicates or quickly seeing other contacts at an organization.

When you clicked on a portal row it took you straight to that record.

Question: Now that self-relationships create multiple tables how can i recreate this so that when you click on the portal row you end up on the other record in the same window on the same table?

Do i have to do a summersult onto the related record on another table and then back via another relationship to the new record on the original table or is there an easier way?



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Hi Comment

I put this file together to prove to you that i couldn't get it to work ... but ofcourse it works just fine.

It was actually in my WebWiki i couldnt get it to work and did a little gotorecord woraround but i just reopened it and tried again.

Maybe something strange was going on on the layout or with the app.

Or maybe as per usual it was user error and i was just tired.

Have posted file as (it exists only for this post), anyone new to relationships may find useful as a simple demo.




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This topic is 6458 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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