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Any limit to the number of table occurrances ?


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I have 400?

It doesn't really matter, as long as you can control their layout, know where they all are so you can find them quickly.

You have to remember that all they are pointers to tables -- they store no actual data, hence take up no real room.

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I tried to 'trim' them down but still ended with about 20 TO. I like to hear from other developers whether this is normal ..

This is highly denpendant on the approach you lean against, 4 tables, does easily translate into 20+ TO's if you're anchor bouy'ing with say 5-6 TOG's.

The notion of trimming down doesn't nessersarily lead anywhere healthier, you should use the number of TO's required to solve a problem, but if all your TO's is tied to one single web, isn't cutting the number the same as getting organized.

Each TO is a metaphor that hardly takes up any place, I once saw somebody measuring what it did to the filesize, and we're talking less that 30 kbyte as I recall it.

But another way to put it, is how many globals does your entire solution hold, this figure reflect inversely how healthy your relational measures are working!!!! One of the big issues to be aware of is that the RG we use in filemaker NOT is an ERD!!!


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This topic is 6460 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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