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Scripting Checkbook Register Reports

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I have produced a checkbook register that tracks all of the checks I have written. Some of the vendors receive several checks in the course of the year. Some of them just receive one.

[color:red][color:green]I would like to script a report that finds all unique vendor names and totals the purchases for each unique vendor. I would like to be able to total these on the fly,i.e., on one layout have the check register and on another layout have the totals for each vendor.

Assume my purchases are as follows:

Vendor A: $15

Vendor B: $20

Vendor B: $10

Vendor C: $20

Vendor C: $30

Vendor C: $40

The resulting total for the previous data would be:

Vendor A: $15

Vendor B: $35

Vendor C: $90

Does anybody have any ideas how to do this?



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I do this frequently in my databases. Create two layouts. On the first I have a subsummary before the body to give the vendor name, then the body to list the information I want to list, in your case invoice date, invoice number and amount. After the body I put another subsummary to show the vendor name and the total for that vendor. In the first subsummary I just put the vendor name. In the one for the following the body I put the vendor name and summary field.

Duplicate the layout. Remove the body and the first subsummary. You will have to do a sort of vendor name first.

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This topic is 6429 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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