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Portal row scan by alpha

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We use many portals (columnar, horizontal, filtered, conditional, dynamic) – techniques picked up from Forums in the past. I have been asked to provide scanning option (in addition to these other methods). User wants to quick-scan portal rows by (various) alpha start characters, view quickly then scan again. They want to see the names right above and right below where they stop – no filtering; or filter then scan. I can do it now by running through each row of the portal under a Freeze Window. But I should be able to jump to row by calculation and I can’t get the logic of it. I can get the position of the letter requested (from a value list), example:

A – Acme

A – American

B – Best Of

C – Cash N Carry

D – Deep

E – Everly

I know that I want position 9 for the letter E which is: A¶B¶C¶D¶E and I know how many of each letter there are (by relationship and count) but I can’t put the two together, ie, how to subtract for the extras of each alpha within a calculation. I feel like GetNthRecord() might be combined with math or knowing what record number (based upon CustomerID) the alpha is (when sorted by second value) but all I can come up with is to horse it with script. :crazy2:

Sample file provided to make assistance easier – it shows existing *basic* filtering technique in which I want to ADD scan functionality (on the left). Ideas appreciated. :wink2:



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Oh. Wow. I never would have considered a relationship on less than - on ALPHA (and portal based upon All Customers but counting the other)!! Oh, I'm going to have fun with this one! :laugh2:

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This topic is 6451 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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