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I bought a copy and had my IT man add it to the company web page. I uploaded a program that works fine running on my PC but it is giving me some trouble and if someone could assist I would be grateful.

I have buttons showing dialog to explain what the fields represent. When I put the mouse over them on line the cursor changes to a hand but clicking does not bring up the dialog box. It flickers but nothing shows. What do I need to make the buttons work?

A layout has a diagram with five each radio buttons top and both sides in three fields. Calculations will average the result of the three sets of selections and show HIGH, LOW etc and also a numerical value of the average, but this function does not work in the online version through FM 8 Server. A diagram showing the calculation and its meaning is in the program too but only half of it shows in the online version, and only three of the buttons are there; the other parts of the original are gone.

Is there something else I should have done to prepare the program for uploading, or to recover the functions that have disappeared?

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You'll have to explain a little more what your setup is. Are you openeing the FM file in a browser through Instant Web Publishing? If so, open your file in regular FMP and open the scripts that you want to use, toggle on the "show web compatibility" toggle in the lower left corner of the script dialog. All the grayed out script steps do not run on the web.

Not sure about the other stuff until you can give some more detail: are that scripted processes or just calculations? Are you using any plugins for that?

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I am not using plugins. I gave the program to the IT man who loaded it on the web page. How he did it I do not know. I log on, and upload the program I built, which uses FM. It works, after a fashion, but some of the functions do not work. I had a diagram showing a risk analysis, it has three separate inputs of Likelihood, Exposure and Severity and calculates from those, which have five values using the radio button choices from their own fields, for a numerical value of the Total Risk.

The program when it is loaded, drops several of the radio buttons and will no longer do the calculation.

I also have many fields identified using the Button function, with dialog boxes explaining the purpose of the fields. The cursor changes to a hand, but the buttons do not work. The program shrugs a bit then ignores the selection.

I will try to find out what programs the IT man uses to put the Server program on the web, but he is not the fastest guy on the planet when it comes to support.

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This topic is 6452 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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