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Is there any way to display progress bar when when php code is executed (ftp download)?

ftp_get is working great but when transfer starts filemaker stops all other processes. I even tried with flash in webviewer but it freezes when php evaluate is executed.

Thanks in advance

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    • By Ocean West
      [ANN] Scodigo Releases Public Beta of SmartPill PHP Edition Plug-in

      Kalamazoo, MI, August 11, 2006

      Introducing the first email sending, ftp'ing, file writing, encrypting, URL
      getting, web service talking, XML, XSL, XPath, image making, EXIF reading,
      LDAP calling, socket speaking, regular expressing, object oriented plug-in
      for FileMaker!

      Scodigo, Inc. is proud to announce the public beta release of SmartPill, PHP
      Edition, now available for download @ http://www.scodigo.com. Versions are
      available for both Mac (including Intel) and Windows.

      Read the rest of the press relase here
    • By basicus
      I have been trying to figure out how to get data passed to SmartPill, but have not seen any example of this is done.

      Basically I want tu use the cURL-example from SmartPill Examples WIN.fp7

      What I wonder about is if you could show one step-by-step guide how I can get variables passed to the php-script from a field in Filemaker.
    • By HALBURN
      Some newbie questions.

      I am just getting ready to dive in and learn how to use PHP with our FMS8A so we can publish information to and from our web server. We host everything internally on Macs and I am trying to figure out where to get started.

      I watched the demo video of SmartPill but I am still not clear on how it works with FileMaker Server Advanced. Does SmartPill work with FMS8A or just FM clients?
    • By Micah Woods
      Kalamazoo, MI, January 9, 2007

      Scodigo, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of a release candidate version of our SmartPill PHP Edition plug-in for FileMaker. The public beta was announced back in August, just prior to DevCon, and we've spent the last 5 months testing, fine-tuning and extending SmartPill's functions. We'd like to thank the 1,500+ people that took time to download the beta version and special thanks to those that shared their experience, reported issues and suggested improvements.

      New version with extended beta license available here: http://www.scodigo.com

      What's New?

      - PHP FileMaker extension (see below for more info)
      - The latest version of PHP (5.2) is now included
      - The ZIP extension is now included (zip and unzip files)
      - The IMAP extension is now included (receive email)
      - The PHP Support folder is now optional
      - PHP_RunScript function has been renamed to PHP_Execute (less confusing)
      - FileMaker style function syntax is now used (less confusing)
      - PPC and Intel specific versions (for compatibility with FileMaker's AutoUpdate plug-in)
      - New example file
      - User manual
      - Extended license, good until 1/31 (the beta license expired on 12/31)

      About The New PHP FileMaker Extension

      We've written a PHP extension that provides 2 very useful PHP functions. The first is fm_evaluate, which allows you to perform any FileMaker calculation from within your PHP code. This means that you can now get the contents of fields, use design functions, custom functions or other powerful functions like GetNthRecord, all from within your PHP code. The second function is fm_perform_script, which allows you to trigger scripts from your PHP code and even allows you to send a script parameter. With these 2 functions, you now have the combined power of PHP and the FileMaker calc engine plus the ability to trigger scripts.

      What Is SmartPill PHP Edition?

      SmartPill does one simple thing, it allows you to run PHP code and return the results back to FileMaker. Putting the power of PHP inside FileMaker opens a whole new world of possibilities. Visit PHP's website to view a complete list of functions: http://www.php.net/manual/en/funcref.php.

      About This Version

      This is a release candidate version, which means that it is very close to the final release. There may be minor bug fixes but all functions and error codes are final. This version is still not approved for use in production.

      Release Date

      Our planned date for commercial release is January 31, 2007.


      Pricing will be available when the plug-in is released.


      Micah Woods
      Scodigo, Inc.
      2602 Carlyle Dr.
      Kalamazoo, MI 49008

      Phone: (269) 349-1175
      Email: scodigo.press@scodigo.com
      Web: http://www.scodigo.com
    • By DukeS
      Is it possible to use SmartPill PHP to zip and unzip files?
      Does anyone have example?

      Thanks in advance
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