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eBay Fees Calculator [Beta-]

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Solution / ;) eBay Fees Calculator

Description: This is a simple eBay fees calculation program for those of you who sell on eBay. It also has lots of great features for those learning filemaker. multiple criteria input validations and textcolor based on other multiple criteria.

TextColor ( "Text" ;

Case ( field1 = "Yes" ;

RGB (255;50;50);

field2 ="Yes" ;

RGB (255;50;50);

field3 ="Yes";

RGB (255;50;50);

field4 ="value1";

RGB (255;50;50);

field4 ="value2";

RGB (255;50;50);

RGB (0 ; 0 ; 0) ))

I could not find a sample like this on the forums when I was looking so I have included it here. Since the TextColor is new in version 6 I haven't played with it much other then simple stuff.

Working Under:

Solution Status: Beta

Pre-requisites: 8 Advanced

Author(s):) searanger

Date: 11/16/06

Credits: self

Instructions / Other Info: This should be fairly self explanitory if you are and eBay seller. If you would like a full open version please let me know.


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