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Urgent Troubleshooting of Ugly Setup!

Stuart Taylor

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Here is an error log that i am trying to troubleshoot... it just will not start up.

Nov 24 12:50:34 server.local INFO: Starting FileMaker Server 5.5 on Mac OS X ...

Nov 24 12:50:35 server.local INFO: TCP/IP network initialization failed; the TCP/IP address is already in use or an address could not be obtained.

Nov 24 12:50:35 server.local INFO: FileMaker Server quitting! Network initialization failed; an unexpected error occurred.

Nov 24 12:50:36 server.local INFO: Shut down.

Now this is possibly the worst setup known to man or filemaker developer but i currently have no choice but to try and resolve it before a new 8.5 version of the clients software is ready.

Server Version... 5.5v4

OS... 10.4.8 (intel)

System... Mac Mini 1.5Ghz Intel Core Solo, 512 MB 667 MHz

Network... Wireless Airport Express

See what i mean ... could not be much worse any ideas ...

The log as always looks self explainatory but i have changed the ip to one i know does not conflict ... think it may be the wireless but unfortunately for me i do have another client running a similar setup (same except for mini specs and OS 10.4.6) and it works perfectly.

Would this be the Rosetta 10.4.8 rounding bug ... or could that simply not be possible.



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This is a wild shot. But the TCP/IP error might be the key. I recently had an issue with my network when I installed an open wireless network so clients could effortlessly logon with their laptops. We had several instances where people would use our wireless, but did not use our DHCP server, as they had a permanently installed IP address on their computer. So there would be two computers with the same address. Best case scenario is that one of the two computers is bumped off the network.

This may be what your FMServer is telling you, that someone else is using it's IP address so it won't play.

I ended up changing my little networks address as I've noticed that a particular ISP will often use a default IP range on your side of the router that is common to many of it's customers. I had the same network address range with SBC at home as at the office, as did the business next door.

Hope that's it. Good luck.

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This topic is 5791 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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