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Importing container fields

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I converted from 6.0 to 8.5 a solution that contaned several container fields. The container fields were storing files like word and Excel. When I did a direct conversion of the file to FMP 8.5 the container fields sometimes ended up with unknown objects. I know QuickTime is needed for the image but the problem here was the whole file was missing. I found for some of the smaller files I had with container fields I was able to export records to a FM 6.0 file and then import to FMP 8.5 and they were fine. However with the larger files I found only the following to work:

1. Export the records in small groups

2. Then convert the records to FileMAker 8.0

3. Import to FileMaker 8.5

This looks like it works but I wanted to know if any one a a more reliable consistent solution. I realize the answer may be given what they are storing in the container files that there may not be a better solution.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Since FileMaker 6 did not have any command or routine for inserting a FILE into a container field, I'm wondering just what the bloody hell you actually had in those FileMaker 6 container fields.

FileMaker 6 container fields could contain:

• Images (stored in FmPro or as a reference)

• Movies (as a reference only)

• Sounds (not sound FILES, just the sounds themselves)

and possibly, perhaps (on Windows platform only);)

• OLE objects (??)

I'm wondering if that last item is what you were dealing with?

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Sorry I was not clear. It was in windows only.

It was inserted manually by the user by doing the following in FM6.0:

•Right click in the container box.

•Insert object option.

•Select: Create from file.

•Select: File and open it.

•Then click display as icon.

As far as I can tell this stores what appears to be a copy of the file in the container field and you can make changes to it.

I inherited this solution and I can tell you the file is huge and I'm looking for a better way to accomplish this in the future but they do not want a link to the file they want the actual file.

Right now I’m concerned about the data converting and importing properly.

Thank you for any thoughts on this.

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I think "insert object" is indeed an OLE function. So the contents of those old Fm6 container fields are indeed OLE objects.

FileMaker 6 doesn't embed files as files in container fields the way Fm 7 and Fm 8 does. The way that Fm 7 and 8 do it, it's cross-platform, for one thing. OLE is a Windows-only technology.

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This topic is 6140 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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