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Go to Related Record Bug (again)

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FM 8.5 Adv

Just wondering... is it just me or does everyone still see for the layout name in:

Go to Related Record [ From table: "{Inventory}"; Using layout: ]

I use the separation model, and no matter which layout I choose for the "Using layout" area, there is a completely different layout that comes up in the script editor when I go back to check it, but the GTRR still works and goes to the correct layout. (or it says unknown as above)

Is filemaker going to fix this? I know it goes back to v7.


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Glad to hear someone else is experienceing the

I, too, use a 2-file sepration model and had this start occurring when I upgraded from 8.0 to 8.5 at mid-year. I never used 7.0

In my case, FileMaker always shows me the correct layout when I click on Specify. Out of 20 or so GTRRs in my scripts, a couple show the right file, a couple show another layout for the same table and the rest show . I've not resorted to a detailed analysis since, to my knowledge, I've never had any malfunction related to this. But it's always been in my mind: "if this, what else?".

Single-file databases that I test with work fine, so it's probably not a "bad build" but rather an oversight in some obscure corner of 8.5. I certainly would like to see it fixed.

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I've had it for ages... it doesn't seem to happen with new files though.. But if you are correct Soren and FM thinks that is somehow useful to us and that we should really have a seperate layout for each and every table occurance if we want it to show the real layout name... well then i just don't know what the hell FM was thinking.

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I just now upgraded from filemaker 5.5 to 8.5 Adv and I'm seeing the same thing. I have remade the relationship, remade the script, deleted & remade the button. Nothing seems to get this to work. This is a 27 file solution. Some of the GTRR scripts work fine but some will not work. I just tried to take an existing script tht does work and modify it to reference another file. Was a NO GO. Whether in a script or just formatting the button to GTRR, NADA. :o

Has anyone found a way to get the GTRR step to work?


ok after messing with this more I got it to work again. Sadly enough I didn't do anything different that I am aware of but it now works ;)

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This topic is 5760 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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