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Portal or Script Problem?


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Hello all,

I currently have a tabbed layout, one of the tabs contains a portal “Qualification” another tab contains a protal "Certifications".

In the first tab is the "Qualification" portal containing dates, names etc fields… and,at the end of the portal row is a notepad icon. This icon will open a new window in which notes can be entered about this portal row.

This link shows the script, which opens the new “Notes Window” (which works fine on the first portal):o

Script Link Here

I have another portal in another tab “Certifications” which has the same note icon at the end of the portal row so that notes can be added via a new window “Notes Window”. So I assumed that I could just dupe the script and attach it to the notepad icon (of course making the needed changes to reflect the correct table etc.) on this new portal.

However, when I click the notepad icon on the new portal, it does open the correct notes window for the “Certification” portal information. The problem is that behind the small window that just opened up to add notes, the tabbed area has reverted back to the “Qualification” tab.

Any ideas?



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It seems like a focus problem. When you commit records, the cursor leaves any field or portal (that's why you need to store the current portal row in your first step). Then, when you tell Filemaker to Go to Portal Row, it doesn't know which portal you mean - so it goes to the first portal in the layout's stacking order.

You could solve this by either assigning object names to your portals, so that you can go to either one expressly before going to the required row, or by going to a field that exists only in the required portal, then going to the required row.

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This topic is 5755 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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