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A special layout


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In my educational database I have many student records and many other tables with school elements. I need to create a special layout from fields from different tables to make an autocomplete certificate or a perfomance paper.

I wonder if I should create a particular table with fields from all related tables. Does anyone have to suggest a respectable solution to this problem? I really have a problem because portals or like that in such a layout do not work at all.

Certificates also do not need a portal but many fields from different tables...I am confused.



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Base the certificate layout in whichever table it most closely identifies. If you need a history of the certificates, you should have a Certificate table. I don't know what a 'performance paper' is, but the same goes for that.

If a history is not needed, I'd base the certificate layout on the Enrollment table (the Student-Class join), as it will likely contain fields from the Student, Enrollment, and Class.

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If the layout base is the students table we need in addition to show fields from all its parent tables. With my little FM knowledge I understand that we must create table occurences.

In the cerificate also we must describe all the educational authorities. The name of the ministry, the peripheral discrit, the title of the school etc. All these are fields in parent tables and we must have a foreign key on students table. Fields like class or teacher do not have problems to display. I have tried to relate six occurences of the students table to all of the parent tables. Some fields pop up the value of the fields but if you imagine that the fields from the parent tables are 12 and the records are 600 hundred I have manually to select all the values! It will take a month! Confused again!

What is wrong?


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Table occurrences can be linked in chains to indirectly relate a child table to its grandparents. You can then place fields from any of those table occurrences on your layout.

If you need more specific advice, we'd need to see an example file or a screen shot of your relationship graph.

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Here the order of the tables to help you understand as I can.

Ministry have peripherals.

Peripherals have administration(many Kind).

Administration have sub-administration offices.

Sub-administration have schools.

School have classes

Classes have sub-classes.

Sub-classes have students.

The Ierarchical tree of tables:









We want from a students layout to indicate fields from all above. Year is easy to display. How can be the relation of the tables? I have linked already with a foreign key all the above and they are in a chain relation. But from some tables we need occurences but I do not know exactly which table occurence.

Can we use global fields instead from the tables above students table?


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This topic is 5760 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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