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Developer "Guidelines" for changes to published DB


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Looking for some advice from seasoned FM veterans about the best way to handle updates, upgrades, and version changes to a client DB that will be hosted on a web server.

I'm developing the DB and need to know the best way to set myself up now to make changes in the future as the development process moves forward.

Do I create a reference to the file with no data or do I make changes to my file, take them off line at night, import the data and re-upload? What is the best way to handle this?

I'm sure there must be a solution since 'versioning' is the way to continue a relationship with the client.


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Thank you. Using the separation model allows me to work on a local version while the client uses the "real" file, correct? I think I undestand that fine.

So what happens when I create new layouts for the client, or maybe a new script or calcs in my "separated" file and need to upload them to the hosted file?

I guess what I'm asking is, do the changes I make on my "separated" file upload when I point my "separated" file at the client's version of the file?

Also, this entire solution is an IWP interface hosted at Point In Space. The client will only access the file through IWP.

Since we're still in development and the file they will be working from is still in "beta testing" mode there will need to be several changes made over the next few weeks.

Additionally, there are plans of expanding the solution once it is up and running. Sort of a "Version 1.2" type of situation. What is the best way for the client to have accessability yet make it so I will not have to re write the newly minted scripts, calcs., and layouts?

Thank you

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I feel a little thick on this one, sorry.

To be sure I understand,

2 files will be uploaded to the server.

First, the file with all the tables, data ext.

Second, the referenced file with the UI layouts and such.

Does the data file need to have IWP sharing turned on or just the UI file? Or both?

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This topic is 5750 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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