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Portal Filter w/ numbers

Mike J

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I have3 a match field that I would like user's to type in a Puchase Order # so they can filter to a specific order when we receive a product from a vendor. I'm familiar with the High/Low filter when it comes to names

gMatch_Name = Col... (User input)

High_Name = Colzzz (Calc Field)

Low_Name = Colaaa (Calc Field)

How do you do it with numbers?

Would it be: Note(PO# are 6 digits)

gMatch = 134...

High = 134999

Low = 134000

What happens if they type four numbers?

gMatch = 1347..

High = 1347999

Low = 1347000

This then exceeds the character number, will this cause my high/low filter to not see the extra character? Do I need to create some sort of calc that counts the number of characters in my gMatch field to make it work? (Not sure about this because I need the first question to work before I answer the second question).

Thank for the input.


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They are always 6 digits at this point. Never lower but could be higher once we get to 999999. RIght now we are in the 6XXXXX numbers. Anything previously put into another system will not be included in my database.

Oh..my ordering database you helped me with making the ERD is almost done and would like to send it to you (since you've commented on it previously) for some critique and suggestions. Can I send it to you privately?



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This topic is 5714 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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