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I am trying to have Customers names be automaticly entered when I go from the customer info layout, to lets say, a Customer Change order layout. I would like to enter the information in the Customer Info. field, and then when I go to the next layout, the Customer name field is automaticly filled in with what I put in the Customer Info field. If I make the

Customer name field global, in the Customer Info layout it seems to work, but when I select a new record, the old info is still displayed.......any ideas.............

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I am assuming that the change order layout is based off a related change order table. If so there are two ways to see the related customer info.

If you want to store the customer information for each time you create a change order, then you will have create field in your Change order table with lookups from the Customer table. This method is usualyl used for historical purposes such as invoicing, quotes etc because in case the customer info changes, you would not want the data to update for previously created invoices etc.

However, if you want the info on the Change order to always update with the most current cusomter info, then you can just put the related customer field on the layout to display the info.

In either case, to create a new related change order you can have the script create a new record in the change order table and set the customer ID. once the customer ID is set and committed, then the related info will display.

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This topic is 6065 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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