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Search by input variables

Chef Roy

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I am a teacher designing an annual roster of member chefs of a national association.

My key problem is trying understand how to create a search field that passes the user's entry to a a dummy variable and then passes that variable to search the database using the Let()function or any other bloody function for matter. The samples and help module is great for the person who wrote it and not for a learner.

I know how to setup a standard search routine when the user clicks on a button to initiate the FIND but the application I have to create is strictly information and absolutely no additions or editing is to be allowed. All data is displayed in the FORM format so as to disallow access.

I have two dummy search fields... one is a dined Value List and the second is one that the user can search on any name or portion thereof.

How do I get the one or both user inputs to search the records?

Would appreciate some assistance.



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Hi Chef

I too am from the Maritimes (Ch'town PEI) and also having problems with input variables. It should be mentioned that what Im trying to do, (and if i understand correctly, what you want to do) i did one time by accident, but because it wasnt my desired result, now I want this, and I cant for the life of me figure out how i did it.

I am working on my code and if i figure it out, i will post it here for you for sure.

I run a sports league, and I want to be able to bring up a team's schedule from within the master schedule, searching for the team by HomeTeam and AwayTeam.

That way it brings up all the games for that team, sorted by date played. it works great.

What I want to do is have the user input what team they are looking for, instead of hardcoding the team names into the search.

If/When i figure it out, i will post an example here.

Nice to see a fellow Maritimer.


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Hello Brian;

Many thanks for responding. I was beginning to thinks I had either posted a stupid question or my idea to use dummy global variables as I do in ASP was unatainable.

That said, can you call me at 506-878-3430 and we can exchange some ideas.



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This topic is 5690 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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