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Is there a way to make text blink


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I tried creating an animated gif file that went from yellow to white, and then placing it in a web viewer on a layout with a text field on top of it.

No luck. Even with the Text field front-most, and web viewer to the rear, it kept showing up above (and obscuring) the text in the Text Field.

I was hoping for a better result, but alas...

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You can use the Pause/Resume script to help make words blink, or run a clock and other things. But the problem is as long the word blinks the script is running and so your database is on hold until you stop it.

Maybe you can modify this to fit your purpose:

Allow User Abort [On]


Set Field [field;"DOG"]

Pause/Resume Script [.5 sec]

Set Field [field;""]

Pause/Resume Script [.5 sec]

End Loop

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Finally, a thread I can actually contribute something to! (It only took a few years but hey, I type slow.) Thanks to dwins' seed of a script, I expanded upon it and attached a .gif for your viewing.

What I wanted to to do is have a warning message blink on and off to instruct users to fill in all six fields of a portal in a new record, hence all the "not IsEmpty" arguments in the highlighted line of code. (When a record is created using the New Record script, it triggers the "Blinky" script.) Once all six fields have data in them the Exit Loop statement kicks in and the warning message stops blinking and remains invisible. (I used the same fill color in the text field as in the background so it, too, disappears during the "off" cycle of the blinking message and after the script has ended.)

I put the Commit Records step in because while the field blinked, the outline of the message's text field and the mouse's cursor appeared; by committing the record, it solved that problem neatly.

Finally, with a three-second on/off rate, it gives a user enough time to both read the warning message and fill in a field.

(There's hope for me yet, Lee!) :


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This topic is 5705 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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