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*Someone Has To Know This!!*

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Problem #1 --

I have web pages accessing an old database through the web companion, the database called "timeoff.fp5". When I set up a new database called "reserve.fp5", and tried to have an entirely new set of pages in the "web" folder (those being the only pages in there) it keeps saying that "The database "reserve.fp5 is not open" - when it clearly is. Also, if i make a change to the "default.htm" page, I have to rename it and redirect the web companion to the newly named page for the changes to take place! It seems like everything is being cached somewhere, but how? The memory guides in the FM books don't help, and this happens on PC and Mac....anyone got a solution?

Problem #2 --

How do I do a "Find this, AND this" in CDML code? I know you can do the nested If's to make an OR statement, but does anyone know how to make an AND?

Thanks All!!!!!!!!

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Doing the or and and is fairly easy

use the code &-LOP=and


I have found this works but works for the whole url string not just a certain part

Point 1 is a major problem, I have found going to explorers tools menu and choosing internet options and then deleteing temporary files and then hitting refresh gets me the new page. This definately works but I can't be expected to put a message on every page to tell people to do this so that they get the new version. Can I!!

Hope this hepls


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This topic is 8696 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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