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OK - What's the real deal with dynamic value lists and CDML.? I was told there is a two step process, but I'm having problems with it. In Filemaker I have a value list where users can select a group. When a group is selected another value list (use values from field, only related values) lets them choose a person in that group. I used HomePage 3.0's Filemaker Connection Wizard to make my HTML pages. The CDML tags for the value lists are normal:




Obviously when I create a new record on the new.htm page there is no value for the CS Rep list. However, when I create a new record (and populate the group field), search for it and view the record detail, there still aren't any values in the CS Rep list. On top of this, when I try to submit the form (using the -Edit tag) I get ERROR #4 (unknown command)!

Is there some kind of special CDML tag for the related value list? Someone please help!

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Your CDML looks fine. I assume that you have the value list defined to use the contents of the field to generate the list. I use 4.1, which doesn't allow dynamic editing of value list (I don't know if 5 changed this) but you could add an entry to the field via a text input (<INPUT TYPE="text" name="CS Rep:" Value=""> ) and it will show up in the list the next time it's generated.


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I have come to the conclusion that relational value lists don't work over the web, and eagerly await the release of FMP 6 which (I believe) will have this fixed AND not be crippled so only 10 web users can connect AND have the CDML reference database included so we can all see what it is we are working with!

Vaughan (who should start taking his medication again)

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This topic is 8674 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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