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CDML Record Navigation with FMP Link Tag

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I'm struggling with the method described for CDML record navigation with FMP Link Tag described here: http://www.maclane.com/cdml/cdml_record_navigation.htm

Everything seems fine. RecordSkip looks great in FMPro. But when I include [FMP-Field:RecordSkip] in my link, it uses the value of [currentrecid]-1 of the entire dataset rather than the found dataset in sort order. This totally screws with the next/previous link. Is there a workaround for this? Is there something I'm missing? I've tried specifying the sortfield and many other variables in the link, but with no luck...always the same odd result.

Here's my link: <A HREF="[FMP-Link:rmk]&-format=dt_doc_detail.htm&-skip=[FMP-Field:RecordSkip]&-max=1">


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The RecordSkip value is in a field? I'd have thought the [FMP-CurrentSkip] CDML tag would have been better.

The Skip value is generated on-the-fly by Web Companion when the action is performed. It would be impossible to try and store the value in a feild because the state of the database will change and will not necessarily be valid for the same web user.

Web Companion is like an assistant who does whatever is asked, but does not remember who the request is made by. Hence it isn't possible to make a request along the lines of "gimme that again." The problems is "solved" on the web pages because the user clicks on a link that regenerates the whole request every time (the [FMP-LinkRecID] et al).

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This topic is 8657 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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