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Letters to Families Not Individuals

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I have built a database for our church, and I’m trying to create a system where we can print either envelopes or letters to go to our members. I have created separate records for each person and a field called “family id” (a number) for each family.

Now all I want to do is find husbands and wives and put them on one envelope/label (instead of sending a letter to the wife AND the husband).

Is this hard? Seems like it should be basic. But I can’t figure out how. And I’ve searched boards, watched tutorials. But to no avail.

Can you help?

Thx either way.

Jeff Krieger

Phoenix, AZ

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If you seperated the addresses and people into their own tables then you can do it. In this case, a simple one to many should be sufficient unless you plan on tracking multiple addresses for each contact as well. The relationship would be for each addresses, there are multiple contact.

Then when you print, you would print from the addresses table while addressing the contacts in your salutation.

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Is the address information stored in the Family table?

Are there children in the Member table? If so, what if a child is an active member, but the parents are not? Should the child get the mailing or the parents?

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