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Simple import of xls or csv

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I have an excel file with 40 some fields. I created an fm table to import the data. I made a mistake and missed creating field #3 (Vendor) when creating the table. So I added the field "Vendor" to the database and then moved it to be the 3rd field "slot" in the database. However, when I go to import the data, "Vendor" is still the last field on the target side of the import window, and thus my target and source fields don't match up correctly... they're all off by one field. And if I just try to drag the last field up to the 3rd slot, it doesn't get "inserted" there, but rather it swaps positions with the field already there, so that what was the 3rd field is now at the bottom where "Vendor" was.

There's got to be a simple way to fix this... right?


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Once you move it to the third spot, you have to make sure it is on arranged by Custom order, or if the field names match up on both sides, you can just select arrange by matching names.

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