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How tu use DDE Execute on Windows XP exactly?

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Hi Ive searched 2 hours to no avail and am sure this is a dumb question but so I need to ask it anyways.

Im trying on Windows XP to use the DDE Execute Script step to:

1. Create a folder if it doesnt exist and

2. Rename a file in that folder

I like the DDE method as it means no plugins or similar haveto be distributed with my FM Solution, which is designed only for WINXP at this time.


What do I use as "Service Name" and "Topic" to get it to work?

My command is (for testing and its not working):)

"cmd /c rename C:FM_Backupcurrent_clone.fp7 C:FM_Backupcurrent_clone2222.fp7"

For service name I tried, cmd, system, and everything else u can think of...



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Hello Squarepants,

DDE is pretty much dead. I've only heard of a couple of people using DDE successfully and I'm not one of them.

Check out the action called 'Send Event'. In my opinion it is poorly named as it really allows you to get to the command prompt. It may be named differently on Macs but on Windows check the help file for Send Event.

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What would be the exact send event syntax to create a folder?


What happen s if you try that and the folder already exists?


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For more info on the other functions, click Start > Run > type cmd

Next type help and hit enter -- it will give you a list of all available commands.

What will happen? Nothing really, it will still execute as per normal, i suppose you could write the output to a text file and then read that file if you needed the result but there's no real point unless you really need to -- in which case you should probably use vbscript instead but i'm just driveling on now so...

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