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Relationship breaks

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I have a file called jobs, with different layouts, one of them called tasks and one leadtime.

In tasks I have a portal with multiple tasks for that particular job (based on a relationship), this works fine.. In leadtime I have another relationship to tasks (based on a global which I set everytime I launch), this works fine too. Problem is that when I edit the row in tasks, it seems to disappear in leadtime on be disabled.

The relationship is based on getting all tasks with the type :) Get Sound, after that I sort them so I only see the latest date.. Seeing it works fine till I start editing or adding a new get sound task. Does anyone maby know a workaround?



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Not that I fully get it from your description, but if there is a type mismatch between primary and foreign key, will some kind of jiffy logic occure, which is hard to trace since a fair share of the keying works flawless...?


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