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mulitple IF's

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is it possible to have multiple if on a calculation field?

here is what i am trying to achieve:

if numfield_01 is less than 100000, result is 1500 if not divide numfield_01 with numfield_03 multiplied by 90% of numfield_04 but if numfield_01 is the maximum/highest value in numfield_01 result must be 10% of numfield_04.

I hope this makes any sense.

thanks ;)

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You will need to use the case() function which goes something like this

Cas(condition1;result1;condition2;result2;default result)

You can test for as many conditions as you like and give as many results as you like. This function returns the result for the first valid condition unless it does not find any condition to be true in which case it returns the default result



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