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Portal and Primary ID/ Reports

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I have a very basic question re: portals. I have a database that holds contact info. We are now trying to add donor info in the easiest way possible.

i have created a donor table to do this, but dont know how to create a primary id to relate the tables. i think that this would qualify as a one to many relationship because for each donor they have given multiple donations over the year. but i have no idea what to do with this info in terms of setting up a relationship.

also i have created a portal on our main database contact form, so we can see how much each person has given for each of our fundraisers. i wanted to know how create a report from this so that we could possible view as a table/ report and sort by date/ fundraiser???

how do i do this?? right now i have no primary ids set up or no way to view results from portal. please tell me in the most basic way possible. thks!

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You would want a unique pk_ContactID for each of your contacts. Then you could have a donations table. This table would have at least these fields.





The relationship would be keyed on pk_ContactID from the Contact table to fk_ContactID in the Donations table.

If you dont have a pk_ContactID yet, create one as a serial number (number field). Then in browse mode, show all the records for the contacts, enter the field, and then under the 'Records' menu there is a 'Replace Field contents' choice. Choose it and it will give you the option to replace with serial numbers.

Now you can create related records in the donations table. As long as the contactIDs match in both table, they will be related and you will be able to view the related records in the portal.

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i've created a serial id (ContactID) for the contacts table and linked this with the donations table with the (DonationID).

i've made sure to create a serial id for the 'ContactID' but not the DonationsID.

but i am having a problem with my portal. when i try to create a new report/ table showing 'Jane Doe" total donations, it only shows the first entry.

also when i try to add the sum of all donations on the donations portal i've created it only shows the first entry.

i dont think its recognizing each portal entry as an individual entry. how do i fix this so that each individual person is matched with many donations entries? do i make changes in the relationship or primary id? please help!

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