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The Big Bear

Question on Varaible script step

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Hi all

I have read the help file in FileMaker but I still do not understand how to imply a variable in to my FM solutions.

In the post of "Returning from a hlep file". Genx posted this script.

When going to the layout:

Set Variable[$$curLayout ; Get(LayoutName)]

Go To Layout[ Help ];

When exiting the layout

Go To Layout[ $$curLayout ] .

I have been trying to incoporate this into by solution but I really am missing something. I have atached a file that will better explain my question.

Would you please look at the file and tell me how this can be done.

Something new like variable are hard for me to understand by just reading up on them.

Any help will be greatly appricated.




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The "Go to Layout" script step has the option of "Layout Name by Calculation". That calculation would = $$curLayout.

Variables are not fields, they are stored in memory. To be used they have be called in a calculation box.

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